Wireless Building Automation

Building Automation is the process of monitoring and controlling from a central location loads such as



Plug loads


Integrated Ceiling destratification fans

The following may also be installed and monitored

Electric, gas, and water meters and sub-meters

Hotel Room

Devices can be set to operate on a variety of schedules.

We represent a variety of manufacturers of these devices, and are able to help you choose the solution that best fits your needs, and in the most cost effective fashion.

The controllers generally create wireless networks, that are accessible from any internet enabled web browser, and are capable of sending alerts via email or SMS whenever events such as a room temperature going out of a user specified range, or a device such as an HVAC running for longer than is considered "normal" (again a user-adjustable parameter).

Other services typically available include load shedding, demand response, and load curtailment.

Hotels have specialized systems which can even include integration with reservation management systems.