Third Party Energy Supply (simple)

It's simple. You have all the control. You choose what kind of price you want, how long you want it for, etc.

In the end you choose the bid YOU like best, which may or may be the lowest one. You decide.

Just contact us or click here to learn more and you will see how simple it really is.

Reverse Auction screenshots

finished auction screenshot
Energy (Electricity) everse Auction Chart and TImer

Projected Savings below the current utility price:

= $ 28,510 / year

($0.1002/kwh - $0.071/kwh) x 976,384 kwh/year

This customer had a "Price to Compare" from PECO of 10.02 cents/kwh at the time of the auction.

The clock (top right) shows remaining time for the auction.

If a bid is made with under 2 minutes the clock is reset, giving the other suppliers a chance to lower their price.

The chart and table are updated each time a bid is made.

When the auction is over, you can choose from any the prices, terms, and suppliers.

Northeastern Energy Consultants is a licensed and bonded energy broker.