Huper Optik Nano-ceramic window films are chemically inert, meaning they do not readily react with other chemicals leading to extremely high durability.

They have low thermal conductivity, which in addition to helping insulate, means they change temperature slowly, vastly reducing thermal stress.

Durability of Huper Optik nano-ceramic window films provides

Consistent appearance over time

Consistent energy saving properties over time

Consistent adhesion over time

Other technologies of window films suffer from several problems

Breakdown of dyes (causes change in color)

Breakdown of adhesives (causes bubbles and reduced performance)

Corrosion (metals corrode causing discoloration at the edges)


Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and the US Coast Guard have chosen Huper Films on their vessels for their durability.

Huper films have also been tested for bomb blast mitigation.

Huper Optik film has also passed a 28 year life accelerated test.

The following is a durability test performed on Huper Optik Ceramic Series film.

It demonstrates that the film specifications remain steady over time.

Ceramic Series Durability Test